New path and process of creating, adding and deleting procedures

Modified on Wed, 26 Jun 2024 at 03:32 PM

The result of this new path (i.e., adding procedures per study) will be that the procedures will plug into the study protocol automatically, without the need to search and add them individually.

To add a procedure in a clinical trial you must click Clinical Trials -> Clinical Trial Dashboard -> Procedures -> Add Procedure by "+".

Fill the required data on the right side in section General:

Then click "Add" and you will see form templates created from the central level (if they were added) and you have the option to create other forms by yourself:

Important: When you go further you will have Adverse Events and Concomitant Medication, these are dynamic table templates and buttons that you can attach to forms - they will allow you to add AEs or Concomitant Medications directly from within the visit form:


Important: At the very bottom of the menu on the right side you will have the option to use custom fields that were part of the old form builder.

Each field you can edit, copy or delete. After clicking edit on the right side you have information about the dictionary, a drop-down list with options for a particular field, you have options to add a conditional field (i.e. field X must be filled in before you fill in field Y) and additionally you can set the width of the field.

By default, it will always be the same person and type of "Blinding" selected in the General tab. However, you have the option of changing the default data by moving the slider. You can then change the "Blinding" and "Performer" selection for that single field using select list.

Validation - it means that each field can be required or optional.

Field "Help text" - you can place additional information that will be visible in the form next to a specific field (when you click "preview" of the form you will see an icon of a "Question mark" and pop-up when you hover your mouse with the entered information):

You can preview the form as a specific role in the study:

If the form meets your expectations, click "Save".

Now, you have an option to delete not used procedures.

By clicking on the three dots next to the procedure you will be given the option to delete it.

Important: The deleted procedure can not be assigned to any visit in the active protocol

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