Concomitant Medication - how to add

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Important: To add concomitant medication you need to have specific permissions (Management>Roles>Medical Records> Concomitant Medication access and Concomitant Medication Management)

To add Concomitant medication you have to go to particular trial, choose patient and on the white, left vertical menu choose Concomitant Medication tab. Next on right you will have "+" icon to add a new Concomitant Medication:

After clicking "+" icon you will see the form, where at first you can specify whether is medication or vaccination, after that you have to add other details about this medication: 

Important: indicate the category under which this concomitant medication occurs:

If you choose AE you will have a drop down list with AE you added and you have select one or more:

After adding Concomitant Medication administrated for AE, this information will be listed in AE form.

 If you choose other categories you will have to specify:

Each Concomitant Medication has an option to: preview, edit, edit history, revoke and check history. These options will be visible after clicking on three dots on the right side of Concomitant Medication:

Preview means that you can preview particular Concomitant Medication form with addittional possibility to check editnig history ("clock" icon):

You can edit Concomitant Medication form  and make some changes. After making changes you can check editing history for each field of Concomitant Medication form.

There is a possibility to revoke Concomitant Medication if you made a mistake. You have to give the reason why you want to revoke this Concomitant Medication.

If you hover history, pop up with history will appear:

In the upper right corner you have two important icons: 

One is for exporting the PDF file ("right" arrow), whe you click it you will see the file preview window: 

Show revoked Concomitant medication ("trash" icon) will take you to the list of revoke Concomitant Medication:

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