How to create a protocol schedule?

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The system itself can inform about the upcoming patient visit or about the procedures to be performed, for this you need to enter your protocol diagram.


1. Open: Clinical Trials

    Click on the capsule symbol on the left side of the screen.

From the list of previously entered clinical trials (see how to -> How to add or edit a clinical trial?) select the test you are interested in (by clicking on the name of the test).

2. Click: Protocol (the button is on the lower left side of the screen)

    There you will find your current and archived protocols.


3. Click "+" icon to add new protocol

Add "Protocol version" and klick "Create"


The protocol consists of three elements: visits, procedures and the arms (if  the protocol is multi-arm).


You can create individual visits using the plus icon.

The new visit will appear on the right. Use the pencil icon to fill in the detailed information about a specific visit.

The changes in protocols are that you will now see all procedures plugged into the protocol and do not need to add them manually:


Mark which procedures should take place during the visit.

If a given procedure is an additional procedure - mark the dollar symbol. In this case, the person introducing the visit will each time have the option to mark whether a given procedure has taken place. Only after this is selected - the system will calculate the amount due.

You also have the option of clicking on the three dots next to each procedure and can select 'Mark all'. This procedure will then be marked automatically on each visit. 

If your examination is multi-brachial, add an arm to the examination by right-clicking on the visit name and selecting "Add arm" from the menu.


The arm will be added below the Main Path. When you click on three dots you will have option to: Rename, Copy or Delete arm.

After adding the visits and selecting the procedures, click "Validate" the protocol to check for errors. Click "Publish" it if you want it to be active.

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