Release notes (24.1)

Modified on Wed, 13 Mar 2024 at 09:26 AM


eSource features

Standard library

We're introducing data management to our system. You can utilize our library and/or create your own domains, fields, dictionaries, and even entire form templates that will then build eSource forms. Establish standards once and reuse them across different trials with just one click.

Form wizard

We've got a new tool for creating form templates and trial procedures. You can utilize pre-defined assets from the library, set up conditional fields, assign custom performers or blinding, and add help text for specific elements. Additionally, you can preview the form to see how it will look for end users.

New easy patient menu

Now you can see all the records gathered for a specific patient in one simple menu. Whether it's a medical record or an administrative one, it's all in one spot.

Redesigned visit form 

The visit form has a new look and some added features.

  • All visit details (protocol or booking related) have been put into one expandable section, where you can also check previous/next visit.
  • Every procedure and field has its own menu with actions you can take on it.
  • If you make a mistake, you can use the "Clear" action to reset a form field (this is handy for undoing choices in radio buttons).
  • There's also a new visit completion tracker to guide you through filling out the form and show how far along you are in completing the source.

Changes tracker (Audit trail)

Need to track each and every change of the value in the field? Now you can turn on this feature. When you modify a field's value and move on, the system will prompt you to confirm the changes along with a reason, and then log this in the edit history.

New AE and ConMed forms

After collaborating with medical staff in workshops, we've created new forms for logging Adverse Events and Concomitant Medication. Now, you can also include a table of ongoing AEs or ConMeds directly in the visit form. Plus, you can add a new record straight from the visit form without having to click through multiple views.

Query enhancements

Queries don't have to be private anymore. You can now enable an option to allow the entire trial team to see all queries. Additionally, we've updated the look and feel for creating and responding to queries.

CTMS features

Trial Procedures menu

Now, all trial procedures are accessible from the trial menu, putting everything in one convenient location. Here, you can add new procedures and edit existing ones easily.

Management of Screen failures pricing

Instead of pricing visits and procedures for SF patients as regular patients, you can now opt for a dedicated pricing model for them. This allows you to edit individual budgets for each SF patient and update events in finances accordingly.

Projects and Trials on Organization level

Introducing the Project tier for managing trials within the organization. This tier enables the creation and assignment of multiple trials in one group with shared setup (protocol). Additionally, trials can now be initiated at the organization level, featuring a preparation process with an approval workflow before they can be released for sites.

System features

Organization Dashboard

We've created a helicopter-view dashboard for your organization. Here, you can easily check all the important numbers and navigate to different functionalities with just one click.

Centralized User Roles management

Now you have one central location where you can set up user roles for the entire organization, including both organization roles and site roles.

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